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I offer the service of tarot card readings for one question for $40.00.

Mention where you heard about this service for a discount and receive the reading for $30.00.

I email you a photo of your spread along with an accessible audio file (15 mins).


I use the Wild Unknown tarot pack with my training and intuition to guide you in gaining insight into your situation.


You can ask one question – make it open-ended. A yes/no question will get you that response.

  • I’m at a fork in the road, which way should I go?
  • What do I need to know to make the best decision?
  • What do I need to know about my career/love life/family member?
  • How will a certain event or circumstance turn out?
  • What should I look out for?



Book your reading below and I will contact you with payment details.

I will get your reading to you within 48 hours.

I look forward to helping you with your journey.

Always in service

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Please note: This is not suited for people looking for entertainment or future predictions but more so for those looking for deeper insight.


Location Lismore NSW E-mail Hours I will return your email as soon as possible.
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